See Clearly with Vision Coverage

West Valley-Mission Community College District is pleased to offer you a vision plan with a comprehensive benefit through Vision Service Plan (VSP). This is a PPO plan which gives you the freedom to find an eye care provider who's right for you. Choose a VSP doctor, a participating retail chain such as Costco, or any out-of-network provider. When accessing services from VSP Signature in-network providers, you receive the most cost effective benefits. There are cost savings and discounts on sunglasses, retinal screening and laser vision correction through a VSP doctor. When accessing services out-of-network, you will pay for the services out of your pocket and then file a claim for reimbursement up to a defined dollar limit.

Vision Plan Information

VSP Group # - 12075324

VSP webpage: www.vsp.com

VSP Customer Service: (800) 877-7195 

2020 VSP Vision Benefit Summary

2019 VSP Evidence of Coverage

VSP Special Programs and Perks

VSP Exclusive Member Extas - review discounts offered through your VSP coverage for things such as hearing aids, Lasik, family entertainment, travel, health and wellness, and more.

VSP Hearing Aid Discount Program

VSP Simple Values Discount Program - savings on travel, hotel, entertainment, and more

Frequently Asked Vision Questions

Q: When will I receive my VSP ID Card?

A; VSP does not issue ID cards.  Please provide the doctor's office with your SSN and group number (12075324).  Alternatively, you can create an online account at www.vsp.com and print a generic ID card there.  You may confirm your coverage through your online account or by contacting VSP at (800) 877-7195.

Q: How do I find an in-network vision provider?

A: Please refer to page 21 of the Benefits Overview Guide, available on the Benefits Home tab.

Q: Will there be a deduction taken from my paycheck for my vision coverage?

A: The district provides a set annual contribution towards your benefits based on your medical coverage tier (Waive, Employee Only, Employee +1, Employee +2 or more).  The district contribution amount is applied towards your medical, dental, and vision coverage.  Please refer to the "Health Options and Costs" sheet (available on the Benefits Home tab) specific to your employee group for more detailed information.