The District is a member of the Statewide Association of Community Colleges (SWACC), a joint power authority (JPA) made up of community colleges that have joined together for the purpose of pooling or self-funding property and liability coverage. The role of District's Risk Management is to protect the assets of the District and to mitigate adverse effects of accidental loss. It does so by identifying exposures, mitigating losses and associated costs by integrating risk controls and safety. This results in added value in supporting the District's focus on its goals and vision. 

For additional information, please contact:

Michael Robins, Executive Director of General Services

Pamela Gangloff, District's JPA Safety Coordinator

Quyen Lenshoek, HR Specialist for Worker's Compensation


​Contracts and Certificates of Insurance

Prior to using off-campus facilities for special events, classes and seminars, the owner of the facility often requests the District to supply them with a certificate of insurance naming their organization or company as additional insured. The sponsoring department may obtain the certificate of insurance by completing a Request for Coverage form found under the Documents Tab, and returning to [email protected] for submission.  Please allow 3-5 business days for processing.

Student Insurance

The District's Student Insurance program provides coverage for injuries suffered by regularly enrolled students/athletes while they participate in approved school activities, supervised by a District employee. This program coverage includes club activities that have been approved by the District and supervised by an employee authorized to perform this function. The coverage afforded by this program is secondary to any coverage the student/athlete may already have. If they have no medical coverage, this program becomes the primary carrier for accidental injuries sustained during covered school activities.  To file a claim or for more information, click here:

Student Insurance USA

Injury and Illness Prevention Program

The District is firmly committed to maintaining a safe and healthful working environment for all District employees.  As part of this commitment, the District has established, implemented and maintains an Injury and Illness Prevention Program (available under "Documents"), as required under California Code of Regulations, Title 8, Section 3202. The IIPP specifies responsibilities and general procedures to protect employees and reduce accidents and injuries.  It consists of the following elements: Responsibilities, Communication, Compliance, Hazard Identification, Accident Investigation, Hazard Correction, Training and Documentation.

Worker’s Compensation and Reporting Injuries

Contact Human Resource Specialist, Quyen Lenshoek, for information and/or reporting Worker's Compensation Injuries.  See District's Human Resource Leaves and Worker's Compensation page. Click on the “Forms” tab to find the incident/injury report.  Injured workers shall be directed to the nearest US Healthworks or Alliance Clinic for treatment. Please work with Quyen and/or your immediate supervisor for assistance.