Per AP 6550, the District may sell for cash any District personal property if the property is not required for District purposes, or if it should be disposed of for the purpose of replacement, or if it is unsatisfactory or not suitable for use. 

Online auctions for the District’s surplus property are hosted by Public Surplus. To view surplus property available for auction, please click here:  West Valley-Mission CCD Public Surplus

For more information, please contact General Services at surplus@wvm.edu or call (408) 741-2088.




Surplus FAQs


How do I send items to surplus?

Fill out a Dispose District Property Form (DDP) which may be found on the District website:  https://wvm.edu/services/general/surplus/Pages/default.aspx.  Please email completed DDP to surplus@wvm.edu and include photo files (if any).


If I have more than 10 items to surplus, may I send a spreadsheet?

Yes.  It is acceptable to complete one approved DDP and attach a spreadsheet with the required information listed in the DDP.


How long will it take for surplus items to be removed once the completed DDP form is submitted:

General Services will acknowledge receipt of your form within 48 hours.  Removal of items will be completed within 3-4 weeks. All contents of all drawers and/or storage cabinets must be removed prior to pick up.


Why should I include the original PO # on the DDP?

Failure to provide a PO # will cause funds from surplus to go to District's General Fund.


Can departments view surplus items which are being stored?

Yes, prior to items being donated or sold, you may contact the District Warehouse Supervisor to arrange viewing of current surplus for departmental repurpose.


Are the departments charged money for moving surplus items?

It depends.  If it is determined by the General Services office to be a large job, a moving company may need to be hired and paid for by the department. 


What is the process for a department that has a large surplus removal?

Coordination of large surplus jobs require notification to General Services a minimum of 4-6 weeks in advance.  Requestor must submit a purchase requisition with budget administrator signature to initiate a purchase order to an approved moving company. 


Am I able to take surplus items myself?

No.  Per the District's Administrative Procedure, AP6550, the District has a responsibility to repurposed, sold thru public auction wherein those funds are then returned to the District's General Fund. 


Am I able to donate surplus items?

The General Services office is happy to accept your recommendations for donating surplus items to a public, charitable, civic or on-profit organization. Please submit their contact information along with your completed DDP.  General Services will determine if the items can be donated.