The Payroll Department functions as the administrator for net pay, tax withholdings, and voluntary deductions. Working in coordination with the Human Resources Department, Payroll staff compute and distribute employee compensation accurately, in accordance with District policy, Bargaining units (Contractual agreements), Federal and State laws, Education Code and FSLA.

The Payroll office is located in the District office on the West Valley campus. All payroll related processing for academic, adjunct, classified full-time, part-time, and hourly employees are handled at the District office.  

 Payroll Team


Betty Pap
Betty Pap
Payroll Director
Kevin Brundage
Kevin Brundage
Financial Analyst - Payroll Tax Reporting
Lindsey Alanis
Lindsey Alanis
Financial Technician - CalSTRS Reporting, Web-time Entry
Tuyet Nguyen
Tuyet Nguyen
Financial Technician - CalPERS Reporting, Faculty and Classified Payroll

 Payroll Deadlines

​End of Month: Faculty, Classified, Confidential, Administrators, Supervisors & POA:

2023-2024 End of Month Payroll Calendar

Mid-Month: Student Workers and Classified PT Hourly Employees:

2023-2024 Mid-Month Payroll Calendar


Paychecks and PayStubs

I did not receive my pay. What do I do now?

Direct Deposit


PERS Employee / Employer Rates - FY 22/23
  • Employee, Classic - 7%
  • Employee, PEPRA - 8%
  • Employer - 25.37%
STRS Employee / Employer Rates - FY 22/23
  • Employee, Classic – 10.25%
  • Employee, PEPRA – 10.205%
  • Employer - 19.10%

Pay Rates and Contracts

WTE - Web Time Entry