Emergency Updates


Check Facebook and Twitter for Emergency Updates 


•  You do not have to have a Facebook account to view the Facebook pages.  


•  Mission College Twitter @go2missionsc
•  West Valley College Twitter @WestValleyCC
•  You do not have to have a Twitter account to get updates on Twitter.
Note:  There is an old twitter account called @missioncollege1, no longer in use

To RECEIVE campus emergency information:
WVM-Alert - Information at your fingertips!  Want to know if the campus is closed?  If there is a hazard outside your classroom door?  WVM-Alert will text, email and call you to make sure you don't miss a thing.  It's free!
Log into your portal and add your cell phone. Invest 5 minutes in your own safety!
Classroom emergency phones -  When the emergency phone rings, anyone may pick up the receiver and listen.  
Website - www.wvm.edu/emergency will take you to real-time safety information about anything happening on campus.  
Bookmark it now! Safety Team Members - will be wearing identification vests and be able to show you where to go and what to do.

 Emergency Numbers


• Pay Phone 9-1-1
• Campus Phones 9-1-1
• Cellular Phones (408) 299-3233


Non-emergency police business

  • West Valley College (408) 741-2092
  • Mission College (408) 855-5435

Non-life threatening medical injuries or illness

    During school hours call the campus health center

  • West Valley College (408) 741-2027
  • Mission College (408) 855-5140

    After school hours

  • West Valley College (408) 299-2311
  • Mission College (408) 299-2311

After school hours call for any police, fire, medical request

  • West Valley 408-299-3233
  • Mission 408-296-2236

Utility Failure

    During school hours call the Facilities Office

  • West Valley College (408) 741-4121
  • Mission College (408) 741-4121

    After school hours call

  • West Valley College (408) 299-2311
  • Mission College (408) 299-2311

Evening and Weekend Supervisor

  • West Valley College (408) 593-2086
  • Mission College (408) 590-2657

 Emergency Guidelines

 Safety Training

​Safety Training

The following courses are available On Demand for groups of 10 or more.  Contact [email protected] to schedule your training.

Campus Safety - A must watch for everyone!

Active Shooter on Campus

Shootings have happened on many campuses across the country.  What do you do when faced with someone with a gun?  Watch an excellent scenario-based training video and discuss common sense strategies for surviving shooter and hostage situations.  You'll be surprised how much you can do to stay safe!

Active Shooter – Run, Hide, Fight
Active Shooter Last Resort 8 minutes
Shots Fired – Shown on WVMCCD Campuses 18 minutes    Username: webmc  Password:  webmc1

Personal Emergency Preparedness

Earthquakes and other emergencies happen everywhere in the world.  They can be devastating.  Why doesn't anyone tell you what you should know?  We will!  How to communicate if the phones aren't working, what emergency supplies you "must" have and what are "nice" to have, how to put out a fire using a fire extinguisher, how to turn off natural gas.  You'll feel 100% better prepared when you're done!

Simple Triage and Rapid Treatment

What do you do when there is a medical emergency and you are the only one available to help?  In just one hour, you can learn the simple skills needed to identify life threatening conditions and address them before the ambulance arrives.  It's easy - and fun to practice!

Campus Emergency Response Team (CERT)

Campus Emergency Response Team has been taught across the country for over 20 years. Originally developed by the Los Angeles City Fire Department, CERT provides "every day people" with the skills to be able to help out after an emergency when professional first responders are overwhelmed and need our help.  Skills include disaster medicine, patient assessment, fire safety & extinguisher use, light search & rescue techniques and much more!  It's fun!  Help yourself, help your family, help your community.